Starting At €1.57

VPS Plan 1

Good to start a project from the ground up.

Starting At €50.40

VPS Plan 6

We're getting massive here, huh? This is the most popular one!

Starting At €6.30

VPS Plan 2

Thinking of making a small but 100% customizable gameserver with your friends? This may be your case.

General FAQ

A quick oreview on what you can do with these servers!

Basically you can do anything with VPSes, from a website, to a gameserver or maybe why not, from a VoIP server to a radio station, literally anything! Also we offer premium class support which will never leave you on the street without a car to realize your plans.

Needless to say that it's full of people who wants to make a website but actually don't know how, if you actually want to make a website, dude you're in the wrong page! These are VPSes! But by the way, if you want to make a website on a VPS you can use FTP to transfer files (as well as webpages) to the server, or maybe SFTP, it depends on what you decide to install.

You're FREE! use your wings and fly over the clouds where your dreams come from! Do anything you want (but respect our TOS as well).