Our Services

Aren't you convinced yet? We offer a 24h refund guarantee on VPS/GameServers and 2d on Dedicated Servers.

VPS Hosting

Rock-solid VPS servers that will amaze your divine eyes.

Dedicated Hosting

If you need a lot of resources, don't make our VPSes suffer, just head to a Dedicated solution!

TeamSpeak3 Hosting

Experience flawless Voice comunication at the click of a button.

Our Pricing

Everything that we told you is amazing right? You'll not be discouraged by our prices!

Starting At €0.65

TeamSpeak3 Hosting

Lag-free, DDoS protected, TeamSpeak3 servers.

Starting At €1.50

VPS Hosting

Rock-solid VPS servers good for almost any type of game or voice server!

Starting At €30

Dedicated Hosting

There's nothing better than having your dedicated resources.

Some Features

Because yes, there's more than just a normal service!

Trained Support

Our support team is made out of cats highly trained to even climb the highest tree, seriously, don't joke with them.

Refund Guarantee

Are you experiencing issues with our services? You can ask for a refund within the 24 hours next to your order!

99.9% Uptime

Who wouldn't be annoyed by downtimes? You don't have to!